What does SERC Industrial stand for?


Our CEO says it this way: "It is a not just a name but a declaration. SERC is a blanket that covers all things service, equipment, reliability, and consistency.

We will provide Services and Equipment, and Reliable and Consistent Products to all of our customers, clients, and partners....large or small...across the globe. It is a declaration for the character based business model and it is a formula for integrity based and integrative business products.

SERC products are provided by SERC Industrial and we will always stand behind that declaration and formula.


This is the concept of the LOGO. It is a globe with a plus sign in the middle. The plus sign means addition. In short, Services plus Equipment plus Reliability plus Consistency equals SERC Industrial."


We, the staff of SERC Industrial, our customers, and our partners could not agree more.

Who We Are?


SERC Industrial founder has worked in Industrial for 38 years, starting in 1976, working for a Phoenix, Arizona Hospital group.


Next, he progressed, in 1996, to working with Stryker Medical Services until starting SERC Industrial in 1997.


This work experience has helped to form the basis for SERC Industrial in that we understand the trials, and constraints that hospitals and surgical centers have to work through.


SERC Industrial and all its personnel are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service, equipment, and products.



We will be there when you need us. We are just one email, call, text, form, or phone call away. We will respond within 24 hours but most typically within the hour of the call. Because we take phone tag very seriously and want to win all games, will typically answer the first time you call.

Our Staff


SERC Industrial only employs top-level staff members. The best-of-the-best on their chosen disciplines. All staff, however, are well versed formulations, design, and chemical  components. From Sales, Service, Logistics, Scientific, Production, Marketing, or Graphic Design we hire only the best.



Our sales staff is the best in the country for one reason. Truthful. They offer only real solutions...what you need and package it in a non-traditional, low-cost, honest way. With no snake oil, high pressure, or guilt.

Production and R&D:


Our Production, Marketing, and R&D staff are cutting edge. When it comes to design and implementation we excel at getting you the right product; the right way; the first time.


The engineered products we create are thoroughly tested in the factory and the field for optimal use and you will reap the same results when you receive the finished product.


In its simplest terms, if SERC Industrial puts it on the market its hard to find a superior level product for the same costs and the same efficiency.


Our Partners:


We partner with 2 OEM's and many 3rd party groups and organizations to ensure that you have the best choice in purchasing  for your facilities needs, services, or manufactured goods.


We offer the fastest response times, shipping lead times, and order fulfillment in the market today without padding the costs into the purchase or budgets.


We offer top tiered services, specialties, products, support, and customer service no matter  your location on the globe. We get it to you faster than our competitors because of our partners.

Our Services:


We provide multiple services tailored to each customer individually and just about every facility need.

Here is a brief list of our most widely requested services:

  1. Cleaning solutions for multiple industries
  2. Custom Chemical formulations
  3. Custom Chemical creation using your formulas
  4. Custom Labeling for your existing products
  5. Custom Private Labeling for your current in-house Products, Chemicals & Formulas



Our Products:


SERC Industrial are first in design, excellence, creativity, and innovation.

They are not over engineered to give you something you do not need but are carefully tailored to customer ideologies and we only offer you products we would want in our homes and facilities.


Our contractual and consumable products are generated to offer a personal touch to each facility, department, and employee base.

They are not filled with hidden numbers, fluff, filler, or oil.


We mean what we say and say what we mean and take common sense approaches to all designs, constructs, suggestions, offerings, sales, and delivery.

Purchasing SERC Industrial will help you cut costs, recoup bottom-line, and will maintain their quality in this hard to recognize market.

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