SERC INDUSTRIAL PRO creates custom formulations for any customer that has the need for a product that is either on the market and isn't efficient for their needs or has a need for a product that does not exist.

This process is simple, straightforward, and creates an easy product development program for you.

We have two of the best chemical innovators in the industry today and you will get a high quality product that fits your specifications and is far more cost effective than imaginable.

The process has 5 stages and will give you complete control of the design and creative formulas.

Should you have any additional questions please use the form below give us a call. We can help.

5 Stage Formulation Process

Step 1: The client submits a Formulation Evaluation. This form requires the Clients company information and Formulation criteria. This usually includes, products description, method of use, product requirements, application, and delivery method.

Step 2: Once we receive the Formulation Evaluation we will then contact the client to clarify any discrepancies or seek answers for any questions we have. We then begin the formulation process based upon the evaluation form results.

Step 3: Once we have completed the formulation of the product needed we then test the product for effective use. Once our testing is complete we contact the client to inform them that the formulation has been completed.

Step 4: We send out a sample of the product for the clients review and in-house testing. If the product meets the specified criteria, the client submits a Formulation Acceptance and Agreement form (received by email). If they request revisions to the formulation they submit a Formulation Revision form.

Step 5: Once all revisions or Formulation Acceptance form has been completed, signed, and received we then quote the client the costs of the formulation, provide the ETA for formulation completion. We then send the client to the Design department for drafting of any Marketing, Product Labels, SDS, and Web development tool and materials they may need. (*This is a separate process and charge not built in to the standard Formulation agreement.)

Formulation Evaluation Form

Formulation Revision

Submit your Formulation inquiry here.

Submit your Formulation inquiry here.

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